Fitspo of the week – 23/07/15

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I do love fitspo. I spend a lot of time going through various feeds, RSS, tumblr and instagram to find the best.

Here are my favorites of the week








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Top 10 Best Waist Cinchers in 2015

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The much coveted narrow waist and hourglass shape in a woman does not always come naturally. Exercise regimes and dietary plans are some painstaking measures taken by many women in pursuit of the perfect figure. While these are effective for some, some get disappointing results and still others are too busy to engage in such activities hence require a less involving method to address their shape woes.

Waist cinchers provide the surest way to remedy these shape problems and obtain a sexy shape. A waist cincher is a modern version of a corset but unlike corsets, it is made from a softer and stretchier material such as latex. It is able to easily mould to the curvature of your body and is worn around the midsection for several hours a day giving you a curvier and slimmer look.

There is quite a wide variety of waist cinchers available in the market to suit everyone’s special needs. Here is a list of the top 10 best waist Cinchers in 2015.

10. Squeem miracle vest

This cincher adapts to your unique body curves for a comfortable fit while still giving you a shapelier look. Micro massage, increased thermal activity and high compression from the triple filtered cotton lining facilitate comfortable weight loss. Its inbuilt flexiboning supports allow versatile movement while working out.


9. Bamboo body shaper

Its best feature is the health benefits it confers. The Bamboo charcoal yarn from which it is made absorbs and dissolves harmful chemicals from the body while also eliminating bacteria and body odor. Another benefit is the crotch hole which make going to the bathroom easier. In additional to the health benefits, it hides the unsightly bulges giving you an hourglass silhouette.


8. Ann chery latex girdle vest body shaper 2027

The cincher focuses primarily on smoothing the tummy and back bulges. The wider straps and full back coverage gives your body an instant well toned look. It has Flexiboning for stability and Latex for increased thermal activity.

7. Ann chery 2021

It has the sleek, elegant design typical to the Ann cherry brand. Its 3 columns of hook and eye closures allow further adjustments as you lose inches. It is made of latex for increased thermal activity and has flexiboning holds to hold it firmer in place.


6. Camellias heavy duty waist training shaper

It has a steely exterior of steel busk with double boning and 20 spiral steel bones which together with the black string lacing at the back give it an edgy, gothic look. The inner layer is quality cotton for superior snug and comfort feel.

5. Maiden form flexes waist nipper

The cincher is made of soft microfiber fabric for a smooth feel at the torso and waist. It has inbuilt hook and eye closures to keep it in place and facilitate intense motion. Firm enough to wear for extended periods and enough compression to give a curvy silhouette, this cincher is engineered to make you look and feel sexy in whichever outfit you are in.


4. Fajastec latex

Its best feature is the three hooks at the back which allow you to adjust as your waistline loses more inches. It is highly compressed but the soft cotton making the inner layer eliminates any discomfort. Boning rods at the front and back allow flexible movement while the Latex material increases thermal activity.

3. Squeem perfect waist compression trainer

This Brazilian made waist trainer adapts well to your body contours giving you not only a shapelier figure but also a great feeling. It has inbuilt flexi boning which keep it in place allowing you a wide range of motion during a workout. It also relieves back pain.


2. Ann chery workout cincher

The cincher compresses the entire area from the upper waist to the underside of the burst helping you effectively lose weight. The latex material it is made out of induces sweating during workouts hence facilitates the expulsion of toxins and unwanted fat.

1. Ann chery waist cincher

It instantly reduces your waistline by 3 inches on wearing. The Latex in the internal and external layers causes thermal activity during workouts to eliminate toxins and unwanted fat. It has flexiboning supports which keep the cincher in place allowing versatile motion during a workout.


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Tips to Gain Lean Muscle Quickly

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Every bodybuilder wants to know how to gain lean muscle. Having a good understanding about basic bodybuilding principles including training frequency, the types of exercises to perform and the importance of diet can help develop bodybuilding strength and build muscle mass fast and naturally. There is no need to resort to the use of artificial drugs to accelerate muscle gain. You might look good in the short term but your health will suffer in the long term. When the side effects occur that’s when the regrets will set in. This article will provide 6 tips on how to gain lean muscle and to stay healthy and drug free.


Training Frequency

Many bodybuilders get caught up training for hours on end several times a week. Over training severely hampers your results by cannibalizing muscle and leaving inadequate time for muscle repair. You might be surprised to know that great results can be achieved by training as little as an hour per workout three times a week. The key is intensity, doing the correct exercises and training to failure. By minimizing the rest between sets you also reap cardiovascular benefit and burn up body fat. Learn about the economy of exercise and watch how your gains accelerate.


For building lean muscle and bodybuilding strength you should keep your repetitions low. 6-10 reps is a good guideline to work with. Once you are strong enough to perform the exercise with correct form and can achieve 10 to 12 reps then you need to raise the weight. As you get stronger you will build muscle mass. Always train until failure to make sure that you are working the muscle to maximum capacity.


Get a training partner

Organizing a training partner can be great for motivation. They can provide support and push you to achieve additional reps that you would otherwise not accomplish. When you are doing exercises such as the bench press or squats you really benefit from having someone spot you. This allows you to attempt extra repetitions without fear of pinning yourself to the bench. Find someone who has similar aims to you and form an alliance. By training together you will both benefit.

Incorporate sound dietary principles.

One of the most important principles to get huge bodybuilding is to have a well balanced diet. You need adequate protein, carbohydrates and fat. Carbohydrates provide energy and aid in recovery. Protein is the building blocks of muscle. Even fats are important but you need to know which kind. Saturated and trans fats are generally detrimental but unsaturated fats are beneficial. Make sure you learn about which foods belong to which food group so that you can create a properly structured meal plan. 5-6 small meals a day is the best way to go. You will need to correctly break down each meal to contain the correct food groups. Calorie intake is also important. As you get stronger and grow in size you should raise your calorie intake.


Learn about exercise. Different exercises work different muscles. Compound exercises are generally the best to gain lean muscle. They work several muscle groups concurrently. Specifically, these are bent over rows, squats, bench press, bicep curls and shoulder press. They work the muscles to build mass and strength at the same time. These exercises also require good balance which works the musculature associated with maintaining balance.

Get plenty of rest. Getting adequate rest ensures that you properly recover and maintain the necessary energy levels for hard training. You would be surprised how much energy can be consumed if you are maxing out your workouts. It is also dangerous to train if you are tired because you can easily injure yourself.

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Bathing Suits For Body Types

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a63c4313cba5aa4d1221eda65015e526Everybody needs to look great when they hit the shoreline or pool. Before you set out, you need to verify that your bathing suit fits well and is complimenting to your figure. Yet, no two bodies are similar so how would we all discover a bathing suit to fit and compliment us?

It would be such a great amount of less demanding for the bathing suit producers if everybody was formed the same. Be that as it may, mixture is the zest of life and the business sector has talked. Quite a long time ago, bathing suits were essentially one-size-fits-all. At that point, the general population shouted out for mixed bag and style… also, fit! We requested it and now bathing suit makers need to take care of the demand.

The uplifting news is that regardless of what your shape, there is a bathing suit that will cover the ranges you need to cover while complementing your positive elements. Be that as it may, you will need to do the legwork furthermore know which body-sort best portrays you.


Here are a few recommendations to kick you off.

Pear shape – Pears are greater on the base. In the event that you have a plentiful base, you can minimize it with a bathing suit base that has a more full fit, similar to a swimming skirt. It shrouds your base and includes a touch of style and flare to the suit, and your look.

Extensive bust – Some ladies have what you may call a full chest. Regarding a bathing suit, it can be a battle to keep ‘the young ladies’ hidden. For those ladies, suits with wide straps and very much planned, strong cups will equitably disperse the heaviness of the bosoms to keep straps from diving into the shoulders and give backing required.


Substantial legs – The thighs are frequently a hazardous zone, notwithstanding for ladies who aren’t overweight. In the event that you feel reluctant about your thighs, you may need to settle on a coy avoided base. Additionally, wearing a base that sits high up on the leg, a higher leg cut, can make your legs seem longer and leaner.


Tummy swell – Most ladies fuss about their stomach fat and overhang. An one-piece bathing suit in a dull shading is slenderizing. On the off chance that you incline toward a two piece bathing suit, pick a “tankini” which is a two-piece suit with a more extended top. This gives you the opportunity of a two-piece yet covers your paunch. There are additionally suits with implicit tummy boards and suits that have assembling through the tummy to mask a thicker waist.


Little bust – Built in cushioning will bail round out a little bust and additional frills and assembled fabric will trick the eye. Abstain from diving neck areas that can show crevices in the material. Stick to higher neck areas and draw consideration away by improving different qualities like your long legs.


Since you’ve discovered the ideal bathing suit, where are you headed this mid year? Whether you’re headed toward the shoreline or the pool, look great in a bathing suit that fits, and compliments, your exceptional body sort.

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12 Women’s Swimsuit Confidence Tips

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To start with almost 80% of women love shopping especially they go crazy on clothes. That too if its summer they get excited about buying all the latest beach wear available. Half the time these swim suits never see the sunlight. As women always think that a swim suit is a dress that puts their figure down and makes them feel less confident. There are ways to build up confidence and pull off the swim wear with style. Here are 12 women’s swimsuit confidence tips that will make you wear it with full confidence and satisfaction.

Improve your body language

It starts with building up self confidence mainly the body language. When you are not at ease with the swim wear, your mind doesn’t let your face relax.

Size is not always the matter

It is not always the dress for size zero. If you feel uncomfortable to wear a beach wear because of your size and if it’s stopping you from buying or wearing it, change the attitude and come out of the doubt circle and grab it. A swim suit is a swim suit and is for everyone.


Show off those curves

Your curves are your points. A curvy figure is also a very big asset if you use it rightly. Even with a little curve a swim suit really looks amazing.

Regular workout routine

The above point does make sense but fitness and regular check on diets actually help you in gaining confidence as it gives you freedom in choosing any beach wear without hesitation.

Bikini waxing

Keep your parlor appointments up on time and remind yourself if you missed one. Otherwise the whole idea of wearing a beach suit with legs exposed will become a nightmare.


Focus on colors

Choose the colors carefully. Go for those colors that suit you well. Select such colored swim wears that you think look good on you.

Experiment with patterns

There are a number of different patterns of swim wear available in the market. A swim suit can also be worn in style and confidence if that particular pattern is suitable for your body and can highlight your curves.

Confident posture

A good posture also enters the tip list. Less slouching and straighter posture helps in carrying the swimming dress in style. It also shows off a well toned body.


Accessorize yourself

Get a good beach accessory collection like a net hat and other colorful neck pieces as this helps to draw attention towards the face rather than the curves which you have tried to cover up.

Shop with love

Always buy what you love, as even if that doesn’t make you look thinner or like how you want to look it will never ditch you. As you love it you will carry it well.

Pat yourself on the back

Appreciate yourself. Yes, the most important factor to be confident in a swim wear is to feel good about yourself. It’s your attitude that matters. You like it you wear it.


Not too late to look good

Finally, if you badly want to wear a particular swim suit and you feel you are not up to it better buck up and lose those extra pounds.

Following these 12 women’s swimsuit confidence tips may be useful to boost your confidence in wearing a swim suit every time. But always remember your attitude is the only thing that matters. So, feel confident and pull out that optimistic string in you and step out in the swim suit with grace.

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9 Fitness Tips For A Killer Body

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candice-swanepoel-and-beaches-go-together-like-sun-tan-lotion-and-sand-too-well-370261Truth be told, being fit is something which we all wish for. However, our current lifestyles have given rise to a number of factors that are taking toll on our health and how we look generally. If you have always wanted to have a killer body, here are 9 fitness tips for a killer body.

Come up with a fitness work out plan

In your quest towards getting that killer body, adopt a kind of fitness work out plan and chalk out a routine. You can bring the services of a personal fitness trainer on board while doing so.

Be very specific with your fitness goals

Achieving that killer body is not just setting a fitness goal; you need to be very specific on what you want. For example, you can actually aim at shedding 1 or even 2 inches off your waistline through your daily work outs. However, make sure you are very realistic with the goals you set.


Hit the gym

The amount of benefits you can net from a single visit to the gym is mind blowing. Take at least 5 hours out of your busy week and you hit the gym. The best part, you do not really have to know everything for you can be assisted by professional while you are in the gym.

Stay away from refined carbs

You need to minimize anything from cookies, bread, white rice, honey and nearly every cereal. As soon as those refined carbs get into your body, its start to spike your blood sugar which in turn will produce insulin, a hormone that is responsible for holding on to fat stores.

Eat well

It is for a fact, nutrition affect our fitness to a great extent. Base on what you real want, it would make a lot of sense of you eat a diet that has the nutritional ability to make you fit. It should be balanced diet. It is that simple.


Drink lots of water

For most of us, this may seem like a basic advice, but if followed, what it can do is simply unbelievable. Drink at least 8 glasses of clean water on daily basis. It does not only hydrate your whole body, it also nourishes it.

Limit your liquids

Ditch any kind of soda and vanilla lattes; they come fully packed with sugar and calories. If you are thirsty or you must drink anything, take water instead. However; if you need some kind of simulation, black coffee would be much better.

Choose your own fitness role models

Select your own fitness role models, read their stories and draw inspiration from their journey. If it is something you can, put their photos on the walls of your room or exercise room. It sounds funny but that can be a constant source of mental boost up for you.


Stay motivated and never give up

Lastly, some exercises could be tough, and the worse part, you have been doing them for weeks with not major breakthrough. This can be intimidating; however, you need to stay motivated. Keep trying what your doctor or personal fitness instructor ordered you to do.

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This is how I am getting beach body ready

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It is that time of year, and this workout is what I am using to get beach body ready. How are you getting in shape this year?

Bikini Workout

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